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Blue-Power Diesel DNA ECU.


Blue-Power Diesel DNA



 IV generation of diesel-gas sequential injection system. The most advanced sequential-injection diesel system currently available on the market. Works with diesel engines from 1 to 16 cylinders. With the help of DIESEL-GAS DNA the engine works:
  • smoother
  • quieter
  • longer
  • with lower diesel consumption
  • with better emmision
  • with higher or lower power (depends of the DNA settings)


All that thanks to an advanced sequential injection algorithm with load-dependable mixture calculator and DNA functions. Very easy to install for the mechanic/workshop. Intuitive tuning with user friendly BLUE-ECU DIESEL software.


DIESEL-GAS DNA is perfect for:
  • average and big diesel trucks
  • big transporters
  • big pickups
  • big diesel cars
  • big generators
  • TIR trucks
  • trucks
  • buses


Main features:

  • Sequential injection system for diesel.
  • Easy to use software.
  • Simple installation.
  • Automatic Diesel -> CNG/LPG switchover.
  • Automatic CNG/LPG -> Diesel switchover if empty tank.
  • Self diagnostic ECU. Up to 32 errors saved in memory.
  • Sensors pre-define feature.
  • Up to 6 pressure sensors defined.
  • Up to 7 Vacum/Boost sensors defined.
  • Up to 8 temperature sensors defined.
  • EGT sensor option. EGT sensor included in the set (premium version).
  • Able to read signals from TPS, Air-Flow meteter, RPM signal, EGT sensor.
  • 12V compatible, 24V compatible.
  • European TIR compatible.
  • CDi/DCi/HDi/TDi emulator on the ECU !!!! Lower consumption of diesel.
  • Safety features to eliminate the possibility of engine failure.
  • Full LPG/CNG level gauge + setup. You can define any level sensor you want (resistance, Hall, V, etc.).
  • Simple mixture map - for beginners/average users.
  • 3 advanced maps - for advanced users.
  • Long cables for the trucks, TIR.
  • Diesel work time.
  • LPG/CNG work time.
  • Advanced rpm setup 2 inputs, one input varible 0-14 VDC.
  • Advanced DNA power/consumption unit.
  • And many others...


Software quick look:

blue power d 1 062



avalible versions price list: contact.